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Quartz Comparison

In 2012, when we were finishing up our kitchen, out of curiosity and desperation to save any cost, I bid out our counter tops to all brands I could think of: Caesar Stone, Cambria, Eco by Cosentino, Okite, and Silestone. I had my fabricator to give me prices for all. Here is the price comparison:

Please make note that this pricing was done in 2012 - but while the prices have changed, the ranking remains the same. Okite has a beautiful palette, with some very natural looking colors. And some of them are very unique and not found with any other manufacturers. They have a good customer service as well. But the price is definitely higher than others. My current favorite is Pental Quartz. It has same composition as Caesar, but 15%~20% cheaper. And they have some very natural looking palette. They are very good at supporting designers and architects with samples and specifications, which is my biggest complaint about Caesarstone. ​ ​

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