a peek into packaging

Packaging design has very clear goals: containing, protecting, transporting, informing, etc. From these constraints one could think packaging design would be quite the utilitarian endeavor, but the saturated retail environments we find ourselves in these days has many products screaming for attention. Not only does this create extra waste (paper, plastic, ink, adhesives) but it seems to do more harm then good when trying to sell the product to the customer.

In an attempt to resort back to essence, while exploring more functional yet structurally-minimal features, we set out to package our laser-cut hardwood jewelry with laser-cut and engraved packaging, right from the same bed.

We designed a packaging option for each product: Necklace portfolio, Ring box and Earring case. The brief was to keep it classy: sleek but elegant. Meanwhile, we also wanted to provide the opportunity for the customer to get more use out of the packaging if they wished. We designed these in a way that they will succeed not only as retail packaging, but as a containers for easier and safer portability and even as stands to display the pieces.

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