Craft and Folk Art Museum of Los Angeles

July 21, 2018


I had no idea this little museum existed in Los Angeles. What a find! It has one of the best museum gift shops ever and hosts lovely shows. The website has a schedule of great workshops I would love to participate in the future. I highly recommend visiting, with your whole family as the museum has something for everyone. We did not have any problem parking on the streets around it, and it also has parking available behind the building.


Katherine Grey 

'As Clear As the Experience'

The exhibition of glass work by Katherine Grey.


Some of the pieces had olfactory and auditory experiences triggered by motion sensors that intrigued the kids and the visitors who are not familiar with the extent of glass art beyond the practical art realm. 

I loved how they lit the pieces, and the shadow plays projected onto the white gallery walls. It also takes you a step further into the depth of glass art. 



A great exhibit that will change the way you look at a woven basket forever. The films of about the processes were very informative, poetic and awe-inspiring. 



The exhibition had the traditional Japanese bamboo pieces to the contemporary artists' creations, displaying the extensive variety of technics in the most dazzling spectrum.


Maybe I was carrying my eyes on shadow from Greys' show, but I started obsessing with the shadows created by these bamboo art pieces. The intricacy of the structures seemed more poetic when captured with the shadows intertwined with them.