July 21, 2018

I had no idea this little museum existed in Los Angeles. What a find! It has one of the best museum gift shops ever and hosts lovely shows. The website has a schedule of great workshops I would love to participate in the future. I highly recommend visiting, with your w...

July 9, 2018

1. Exhibition Design

I liked the design of this exhibition. The nature of these artifacts does not allow any interaction, but most of the cases were designed and installed to enable viewing from all directions. The narratives were installed both on top and at the eye le...

June 26, 2018

the elevator lobby and unit entrance mark the essential 'sense of arrival' and can evoke the pride one should feel about his/her home. In multi-family housing, these are the moments that replace the homes' gates, porches, picket fences, and the front doors.

April 3, 2018

Truth About Honed Finish Quartz

A few years ago, starting with Ceasar Stone, many of quartz brands started launching honed finish quartz. The very first ones were to mimic architectural concrete. I loved the look the first time I saw them, but have shied away from using...

September 2, 2017

Packaging design has very clear goals: containing, protecting, transporting, informing, etc. From these constraints one could think packaging design would be quite the utilitarian endeavor, but the saturated retail environments we find ourselves in these days has many...

August 3, 2017

I remember when we got our first iPad. Ryan was two years old. 

We opened the box, and the baby Ryan walked up to it, lifted it up, swiped it to power it on. He is eleven now, and the master of negotiation for more device time on any given day. 

Ryan and his friends take...

May 13, 2017

The first project in my sophomore year in architecture at Rhode Island School of Design was 'A Box.' We were given a list of materials we could use (you could not use more that what was listed),  and the box must contain art tool(s) or art supplies. For kids who were s...

April 30, 2017

This is so fun!

Chalkboard tiles w a grid pattern by Pental.

It actually works well w chalks. 

Comes in 24"x24", around $18/sf retail


I can see them in kitchens, kids bathrooms or playrooms. Having tried all different chalk...

May 24, 2016



Notes on collaboration of artists.

Notes on transferring visual and sensory experiences from other art forms into spatial experience 

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