Skylights: Acrylic vs. Glass

Over the years, I have specified many skylights for both residential and commercial projects. The common knowledge has been that a acrylic dome with aluminum flashing is the most cost efficient option. So when asked by my client for a recent bathroom remodel project, we decided to get to the bottom of it. Our superstar intern Nathan investigated the comparison between acrylic and glass skylights, and between Bristolite and Velux brand. Option 1. Velux Skylight - Glass: Rough Opening 21” x 26 7/8” = $1,612 + tax Option 2. Bristolite Skylight - Glass: Rough Opening 22 ¼” x 30 ¼” = $2,175 + tax Option 3. Bristole Skylight - Insulated Clear Double Dome Acrylic: Rough Opening 22 ¼” x 30 ¼

Energy Efficient Lighting Comparison

LED? Fluorescent? Which one is more expensive? Which one lasts longer? Do they both look too cold? has a great comparison chart to answer all your questions to help you how to choose right light fixtures for you. I am quite excited about new LED fixtures I find on the market now. I still feel, however, decorative lighting (esp. chandleiers) with LED lamps has a long way to go... Some of my favorite LED fixtures: All available on Some of my favorite light fixutres:

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